sabato 6 aprile 2019

What does Pepper do differently?

To all our readers in Italy,
It's a little awkward, so we'll get straight to the point: This Saturday we humbly ask you to defend Wikipedia's independence. We depend on donations averaging about €10, but 99% of our readers don't give. If everyone reading this gave €2, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years to come. The price of your Saturday coffee is all we need. When we made Wikipedia a non-profit, people warned us we'd regret it. But if Wikipedia became commercial, it would be a great loss to the world. Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising. Wikipedia has always depended on the exceptionalism of a few individuals. Volunteers edit and volunteers donate — it’s how we stay independent and ad-free. If Wikipedia is useful to you, we invite you to be one of the small, but growing number of readers who recognize our need and donate. Thank you.

Zedd Radio
Plays Zedd along with similar artists like:

Friday Night Party
Plays upbeat music perfect for partying on a Friday night.

Backyard Party
Plays a variety of upbeat music that's perfect for a pool or backyard party with friends.

Workout Hits
Plays some of the hottest upbeat hits that'll keep your work out going

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